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We strive for the very best detailing experience and customer service every time. We are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations by providing unmatched customer service and the highest quality detailing services in the area. We believe the foundation for making your car look its absolute best starts with the elbow grease behind the proper products and tools tailored to each unique situation.
Car/ Truck Boat and Motorcycle Detailing. Bring us your worst you'll get the best. Full service detailing on auto, marine and motorcycles. Drop your car off to us or We will come to you. We have specials going on all the time Call us for more information. We only use the best products and techniques to bring your car back to that show car shine!
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Auto Services
  • Brilliant Star Package:
3 step process utilizing: Hand washing, A clay bar, which is used  to remove surface defects and  get the paint as smooth as possible, Polishing with light cleaners and polymers to remove superficial scratches, stains and oxidation,  Sealing and machine waxing are applied to protect and intensify the luster of your vehicles finish, wheels are cleaned and hand waxed, tires scrubbed, all plastics and rubber surfaces protected; windows cleaned and a special Jet Shine applied for that year long windshield protection. Interior carpets cleaned and vacuumed; seats protected with Scotch Guard or leather cleaned/conditioned and protected, all plastics cleaned and protected, interior windows cleaned.
  • Shooting Star Package: 
2 step process utilizing: Hand washing, A clay bar, which is used to remove surface defects and get the paint as smooth as possible and machine waxing to protect your vehicles finish, wheels and tires cleaned and protected, all plastics and rubber surfaces protected, windows cleaned and special Jet Shine applied for that year long windshield protection. Interior carpets cleaned and vacuumed, seats cleaned or leather cleaned/conditioned, all plastics cleaned and protected.
  • Shining Star Package:
1 step process utilizing: Hand washing, machine waxing, wheels and tires cleaned, windows cleaned and a special Jet Shine applied for that year long windshield protection. Interior carpets  vacuumed, and plastics cleaned and protected; windows cleaned and odor eliminator added.
  • Glimmering Package:
Hand wash and quick wax, interior carpets vacuumed, instrument panels, gauges, dashboard, vents sun visors, steering wheel and column, center console, door panels and jabs are dusted and wiped clean.
  • Paint Coating:
​Creates a molecular bond between the coating and the clear coat for that ultimate seal. Paint coatings are different from sealants. Sealants last 3-6 months vs a paint coating which last 2-6 years. This process takes anywhere 4-8 hrs. We recommend our clients purchase the brilliant star package or the shooting star package with this coating for the best looking vehicle that lasts for years not months! 
  • Hand Waxing using premium paste wax applied by hand instead of machine :
 $40.00 for cars; $55 for SUV’s and large vehicles.
  • Sealant:
To protect your paint from etchings, droppings, rain etc for a year. Helps to seal the surface from superficial defects using specialized polymers to help build a bond between the sealant and the paint - $15.00 if added with package, $35.00 separately. ** this is not a paint coating**
  • Windshield Jet Shine :
$15.00, Durable sealant designed to shield your vehicles windshield from the harsh environments. Your windshield will be machine cleaned, polished and the Jet Shine applied by hand.
  • Pet hair removal :
$50/HR, We use a special rubber brush and pumice stones to get the hair out of your seats and carpets, includes vacuum and interior wiping.
  • Engine bay cleaning:
$50-when purchased alone, $30 if added to detailing package. We use only bio-degradable solvents and cleaners to degrease and clean your vehicles engine bay. This is important to vehicle maintenance to prevent gunk buildup on engine and detect visual problems. We take precautions to protect important sensors and parts from water.
  • Water spot removal :
$65/HR- price is per hr due to the complexity of deep water spot removal and the type of water spots. Compounding may be necessary.  There are different types of watermarks, type 1-3, 3 being the worst. Most will fall into the 2 category and will require compounding.
  • Vacuum and wipe:
  • $25/HR- additional for SUVs’ and wagons. Vacuum and wipe down all surfaces.
  • Headlight Restoration :
$55.00 for both.  Each headlight is polished with a specially formulated polish to restore the original transparency of the headlight lenses. This process safely restores clarity to cloudy, oxidized, yellowed and lightly scratched lenses for better night vision and safety.
  • Paint Restoration : Call for quote.
Designed for vehicles with old, heavily oxidized paint that is dull and no longer shines. The paint’s finish is wet sanded then cut with a rubbing compound to brighten any remaining paint on the vehicle. This service does not apply to vehicles with a delaminated clear coat. Paint is polished with an advanced blend of polymer sealants to remove superficial scratches, stains, and oxidation. Two coats of the finest hi-tech paint coating is applied to protect and intensify the luster of your vehicle’s finish (Overspray removal not included)

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